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Cooking lessons

"Here we are in this tranquil and relaxing garden, watching carefully and trying to remember the secrets of making tasty chicken curry, one of our favourite recipes. How much cinnamon, soy sauce, mustard, ginger and caramelised mango to put in…And then, those little flour and grated coconut balls flavoured with sage and rosemary! A delicious meal that we go on to savour in a cosy setting under the benevolent eye of Ganesh. How sweet life is in La Maison Nil Manel!" - Lucia & Roméo (Italie)

The cooking workshop takes place in the morning, with dishes enjoyed at lunch time.
Chanaka’s lessons are all about sharing and caring and combine tuition, quality produce and recipes that are easy to follow. Whether you’re a beginner or you want to hone your skills, these lessons provide guests with the opportunity to explore the world of spice and learn how to best incorporate them in western dishes.

The extra mile: after lunch Chanaka offers guests a gift - an assortment of spices to take home.


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