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Madu Ganga, secrets of the lagoon

Madu Ganga is best experienced at dawn and in the early afternoon. This wild place is where Chanaka lovingly farms his cinnamon plantations, a centuries-old island tradition.

With senses on full alert in this teeming natural environment, Chanaka takes you off in his motor boat and points out various things en route, a monitor lizard over here, a crocodile over there, the sudden appearance of an osprey, the lord of the lagoon. This sanctuary is protected against tourism and it’s like entering another world: the shrimps are giant sized; the mangrove is a world heritage site and a place where you can see carpets of blue, pink and white water lilies; there’s even a tiny islet-temple to contemplate Buddha and chat to monks in saffron coloured robes... You will see fishermen; cinnamon planters; children making their way home after school...
Mirala Duwa is one of 42 islands in the lagoon. Chanaka invites you to discover how the small cinnamon sticks of Ceylon are made and to enjoy the heady scent of the essential oil produced in his distillery before sipping a cinnamon tea in a pretty room overlooking the plantations. The day closes with a stunning blue and pink sunset. You leave with the feeling of having experienced something very rare in an absolutely magical place.


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